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Friday, June 25, 2010

"Git!": Bigfoot Encounter Reported in North Carolina

Here is a recent news report about Tim Peeler, of North Carolina, who claims a Bigfoot-type creature encroached on his property in Cleveland County:

If I take Mr. Peeler at his word about this incident, I'll say it handled it right. He says the creature apparently killed one of his dogs. My instincts tells me that the Bigfoot didn't know that those dogs or any other livestock belonged to someone. I feel Mr. Peeler let that creature know that. Perhaps it understood. As he says, he "rough talked him." And Mr. Peeler is what we call "an 'ole boy," and I agree with the use of the word "git!" in such circumstances. It's just what I'd say, too!

I feel if that Bigfoot was truly aggressive, also considering its reported size, it would have acted so. But the report indicated it didn't. Not in this case.

If this account is credible, it says a lot about the nature of that Bigfoot. Basically peaceful, I'd say, and seemingly respectful of humans. At least, that human.

Peeler's 911 call to authorities can be heard here:

I will say I just have some doubt when I listen to the call. Note his slurred speech at times. I know I've sounded that way when I've "had one too many," as they say, and leave it at that.

And I came across a follow-up story, in which another man found a large footprint miles away from Peeler's stated sighting:

Decide for yourselves, all.


  1. The SFBI Team was up there with him this week and the Wednesday show was about it. They go into detail about what they thought of his changing story.

    I don't think theres much to this one except for someone looking for attention.

    We get allot of that!

    You can also use the Embedded Player in the Sidebar of the AZCRO FORUM (Bottom Right) of the page.

  2. After reviewing some online articles further, and catching the Wednesday, June 23, 2010 edition of the "Bigfoot Lives" radio program, I've concluded that there's no credibility to Tim Peeler's story.

    I do agree with what was discussed on the program, especially when it came to the description of the supposed Bigfoot. It didn't fit anything I've heard before, either. Now, if someone wanted to do a "believable" account of a Bigfoot sighting, it would be best to review the M.K. Davis enhancement of the Patterson-Gimlin film. As I feel some must have done through the years, using "after-the-fact" descriptions that would match the subject seen in that film.

    More red flags: Peeler described the Bigfoot was being 10-feet tall. That's a lot. It was estimated the subject of the Patterson-Gimlin film as seven-foot, three-inches. I cannot see an example from North Carolina being larger than one from the remote Pacific Northwest.

    With that added height would come increased weight. And less maneuverability. A Bigfoot of that size would surely have left evidence such as deep footprints, trampled brush, and possibly broken foliage. I didn't hear about found like that.

    Now, I ponder why Peeler didn't have any type of recording equipment. Now, I realize he's in a deep rural area, but most people would have something. A cell-phone camera thing? Some kind of film or digital camera? Anything? There never seems to be any such device handy when a Bigfoot shows up. So no record is made.

    I again cite the Harley Hoffman film, to which a link is provided in a below post. At least, there's a glimpse of something. We can see a "subject" of some kind. We get a scale of the subject in an environment.

    I do agree with what I heard on the program, concluding this before it was mentioned by the researchers. It would take "staking out" the area around Peeler's location to confirm this story. Surely, if such a Bigfoot exists there, they'd be evidence of that. It has to live somewhere. I'd look for "beaten paths," crudely made lean-tos, uprooted saplings and of course tracks. Numerous tracks.

    I'm entitled to my own conclusions, and I feel this one will be among the proverbial "wild-goose chases" for Bigfoot researchers. I'd like to be proved wrong, however, but tell me how often "real and indisputable proof" of such a Bigfoot ever surfaces?


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