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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On The 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film: Why I Believe In What I See (001)

By James Alex Gerard

First things first, I am firm believer in the Roger Patterson-Bob Gimlin film. Taken at Bluff Creek, Calif., in October, 1967, the film -- I feel -- portrays "some kind of species yet unknown to our science."

Why do I say this? My experience, for one. I was an amateur scientist in my younger days, and spent time around various types of wildlife. And I've never seen of anything even resembling the subject of that film. If it's some kind of hoax, it's the best I've ever seen, and even I've been fooled.

But the physical characteristics, mannerisms and musculature displayed by the subject convince me of its authenticity. And I say this despite those who have debunked it as a fake -- and those who've "come forward" since that time with "proof" of its falsity.

I believe the film's truth will not be accurately determined one way or the other. No one has ever produced such an exacting costume or "special effect." And I further that no one will. I have seen the various "hoax attempts" that have followed through the years -- and none have the measure of the Bluff Creek video.

Someday, I hope to have the chance to see firsthand such a creature -- so I'll know for myself. Is it more human than animal? Is it actually a primitive creature, or does its existence today show it must be evolved? Does it hold, as I feel, some answer to the overall spirituality of living things on this planet? Or our own existence?

But let me expound a point further: Do we -- as inquisitive human beings -- want the myth to be proved or disproved? Won't the solution spoil the mystic that compels our thoughts? And our reasoning? And our nonstop stream of debates -- and the controversy?

Don't we "need" these mysteries to remain just that, so we will always seek the answers -- rather than really have them?

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