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Friday, October 22, 2010

Various Talk-Radio Callers Verify Bigfoot, But Where's The Evidence?

Listening in to both news-talk radio and online blog radio, I find it ironic that numerous callers claim to have Bigfoot creatures where they live.

I've heard various stories about families and tribes of Bigfoot, with some callers relating that such are regular visitors around or near their homes. Some have related that the Bigfoot even visit them at times. And I've heard some state they know places where the Bigfoot creatures would call their home.

I'll have to play the skeptic here. For some reason, we're not provided with photographic or video evidence of such. Now, if you had such Bigfoot in your area, and spotted them regularly, how difficult would it be to capture such occurrences?

It seems that every time a camera or visual-recording device is produced, the Bigfoot will not appear. As if they know somehow they'll be recorded. I don't see that as being possible. Or probable. And when trail cameras are set up to record such Bigfoot, they always seem to have the ability to evade its scope.

And when I hear Bigfoot investigators speak with various callers, they offer -- and possible do -- send out researchers to investigate. Yet, I've yet to hear any follow-up that confirms the callers' experiences. Or accounts.

Are the Bigfoot that insightful or super-clever in that regard? I don't think so.

Since the Patterson-Gimlin film, in my view, we haven't see any such striking recorded evidence of Bigfoot existence. I admit the Harley Hoffman film comes close. I don't know what is going on the various callers. Are they seeking publicity, without realizing that if what they say is happening, it could be confirmed by others?

I've learned to be wary of any stories about Bigfoot sightings these days. Some have credibility, I'm note, but those lack recorded evidence (other than the occasional tracks/casts).

I would like only one of these callers to be right. Out of 100 sightings, for example, let's say 99 are bogus or created. Now, we still have to explain the credible one. Even one of 100 should be enough to confirm something of substance.

But I listen -- and listen I'll continue to do. Perhaps, one of these days, at least a single case will be reliably confirmed, to the point that proves Bigfoot exists. But from what I've heard in recent times, that hasn't happened -- and perhaps that won't change.

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