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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bigfoot Tracks Found In Northern Minnesota

By James Alex Gerard

Earlier this month, the crypto zoology community noted the report of Bigfoot tracks found in Northern Minnesota.

Television station KSAX/KRWF-TV in Minnesota reports the following (see link below):

I'd note the varied indentations of the footprints which seem to diminish the chance of these being fakes. But, as you'll note from the sources of the KSAX/KRWF-TV report, I agree that overall we get no reliable sightings or other truer evidence.

I will follow up with a entry later on in which I examine the possibilities of why Bigfoot is so elusive. I'll offer a promo by stating I feel this creature is actually more spiritual than physical, but can and does assume a tangible form -- only at times.

Also note that I'm skeptical of the recent "trail cam video frame" from Minnesota. That photograph is noted in the above listed news report. But it lacks the overall "feel" of the subject seen in the Patterson-Gimlin film.

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