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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How "Primitive" Is The Bigfoot Species? Perhaps Not At All...

By James Alex Gerard

There's just been too many accounts through too many years -- even those predating the European presence in North America -- to dismiss Bigfoot as some myth. At least that is my view.

It's been theorized that the Bigfoot is some "primitive creature" or such. But I think a bit differently about that. It obviously is on the Earth today for a reason. Its kind survived the process of natural selection. It was selected to survive. For a reason. Therefore, I conclude it had to evolve to do that. So how "primitive" could it be? I feel it would have to have a level of advancement. Even possibly possessing a social order and language.

Overall, the Bigfoot species doesn't seem to want to harm mankind. Just avoid our kind -- for a reason. Could the Bigfoot species know more about other forms of life than we realize? Or recognize somehow that 'the other two-legged one" (us) is more advanced, and has mechanical devices and tremendous structures?
Is it more at mankind being civilized, in the most basic sense of the word?

And several weeks ago, a guest on the "Coast To Coast" radio talk show described his four-month, solitary stay in the Pacific Northwest wilderness while searching for Bigfoot. The guest stated that, considering what it's like to exist out there," he's not surprised anymore how such an adaptive species can exist without detection. Or lives in the heart of that wilderness with little or no traces.

I feel the Bigfoot species has evolved and has survived because it established a niche -- and stayed there. I feel those of the Bigfoot species know there is nothing mankind offers that's advantageous to its survival, and brings nothing of substance into its world.

Now who's the advanced being?

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