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Monday, February 1, 2010

The 2002 Mount St. Helens photos: Cause For Skepticism?

By James Alex Gerard

I encountered this web page last year, and again it's another of those "no way to know for sure" recorded "supposed-Bigfoot sightings." There's also an accompanying story:

I note the apparent plausibility of the story behind those photos. It sounds like something like that could happen. Note the incident details, right down to the described body odor apparently emanating from the "Bigfoot subject." There are a number of accounts which I feel are credible that describe the Bigfoot examples as having some form of extreme, prominent body odor.

But it's the photographs themselves than bring out the skeptic in me. There's no clear front view or facial detail. In one shot, some evidence of the face is apparent, but that looks like it's some kind of mask to me. I can see an "outlined area" near the eyes, as if it's an ill-fitted costume application. Again, this is merely my own view, and I will gladly admit I could be wrong.

But even more unconvincing to me is the physical attributes of the subject itself. I note the lack of musculature or definition, unlike the Patterson-Gimlin film subject. And the subject doesn't appear broad enough to me, unless this is one scrawny, ill or malnourished Bigfoot. Now, this could be a smaller, immature or juvenile example, but the build looks just "too human" to me.

In addition, the Mount St. Helens' subject has uniform, brown body hair or fur. That's a trademark of the Bigfoot costumes I've seen. I've even seen one getup which mirrors what I see illustrated in those photos, a "Sasquatch Adult Halloween Costume."

At this point, I'll say I doubt the photographs are those of a real Bigfoot example. It's possible that in some cases, the camera persons are unaware that they're being hoaxed themselves by a third party, so I keep that in mind as I evaluate these accounts.
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  1. NOTE: A discussion explaining this apparent hoax can be found at:

  2. In-all-I-have-read-there-was-one-account-that-I-found-very-interesting.The-person-described-the-B/F-as-looking-(Fake)-on-her-roof.Then-the-B/F-proceeded-to-leap-to-a-phone-pole-then-to-a-tree-with-great-speed-before-leaving.I-believe-B/F-should-look-fake-to-people-who-are-witnessing-this-animal-out-of-their-normal-habitat-before-displaying-something-that-makes-the-witness-know-it-is-Real.


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